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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I need your help

I will be in Washington DC this coming weekend, and I would like to visit the Smithsonian Institute to take pictures of the evidence for evolution.

I am aware of "The Evolution Trail" that will tell me why they believe giraffes have long necks and why they think flowers have many colors. I am also aware of "The Evolution of Evolution" display which has "Specimens from the Museum’s diverse collections, along with documentation from our ongoing research." But I want to find empirical evidence for evolution, not a chronological account or documentation of new theories.

My time is limited, so please let me know exactly where I can find what has often been alluded to as real "evidence" by believers in the theory. I’m not interested in fossils (of which there are millions), but transitional fossils between species (the missing link between species).

The Smithsonian says, "There is no one piece of evidence, no single 'missing link,' that unlocks all the secrets of our ancestry." They are right. It isn't one single link that's missing, but the entire chain.

Please don’t send me long "cut and paste" lists of names of fossils, but an actual place within the museum to which I can go and find evidence of one species that transitioned into another. Thank you.