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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The time bomb

I saw Disney’s "Up" recently. I went because a close friend said that it was so good and so funny, he saw it twice (he rarely goes to the movies). The skillful animators were able to show the joy of true love in marriage. In a matter of minutes, a cute kid and his girlfriend grew to adulthood, got married, and loved each other with a deep passion as they grew old together. Then she died.

Suddenly, every joy filled memory became unbearably painful for the elderly man, and they captured that deep pain in caricature. I cried my eyes out. I wanted to call my friend and say, "I thought you said this was a comedy!" Up took me down. I cried that night at home also, because I was graphically reminded me of something I carry daily. Every loving husband and wife will be torn apart by death. It’s just a matter of time. Each of us is strapped to a ticking time bomb. But that’s not the tragedy that drove me to my knees. It’s that God offers eternal life to every dying person, and most refuse His "unspeakable gift." That’s the real human tragedy.

I know that many of you think that I’m ignorant, because I make a mess of what you believe about evolution. But it’s not deliberate. I'm not slightly persuaded, but I'm slowly learning. I know many of you also think I’m a calculated liar and that I’m just out to make a fast buck. Believe that if you wish, but don’t use it as an excuse to reject God’s offer of eternal salvation. Please think about your sins, then think about the Savior and what He did for guilty sinners such as us. God knows that my motive is that I want to do is see you in Heaven. Up is where I want you to go. Don’t ask God for "proof." You don’t need it. You already have the necessary proof through your conscience and because of creation. Ask instead for salvation, while you still have time. Every beat of your heart is another tick...