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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Flag and Independence

What does your country’s flag mean to you? To the United States, the flag is very special because it symbolizes freedom. It is a country that is unique in that it calls itself "One nation under God." That means that it’s a nation where you can have the freedom to love God, or you can be an atheist and even be free to promote your atheism. That is very special.

The flag reminds us that we fought for our independence. It came with a price. Many died so that we could be free, and those who honor the flag honor their precious sacrifice.

The symbol of Christianity is a blood-stained cross. It reminds the Christian that he is free from the demands of Eternal Justice. There was a time when he was ignorant, foolish and deceived by sin. He didn’t understand his moral state before God. I look back on my pre-conversion state and remember how the Cross was meaningless to me. It was a foreign flag to which I had no allegiance.

But when the moral Law opened my eyes to its just wrath (see Matthew 5:27-28), I suddenly understood the sacrifice. I had violated God’s Law (the Ten Commandments), and 2,000 years ago Jesus paid my fine in His precious life's blood. He defeated death by rising on the third day. That meant that upon my repentance and faith in the Savior, God could and would legally commute my death sentence.

On the Day of Judgment the Law of God cannot condemn me, because my crimes against God no longer exist. They have been blotted out by the mercy of the Judge. I have independence from the power of death. Fine paid; case dismissed.

So when I hear someone despise or discount the Cross as meaningless, I know why they feel that way. They need understanding, and that's the reason for this blog. May you find independence from death today. Happy 4th of July.