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Friday, August 28, 2009

Overwhelmed Members of the Species

"Like most other members of my species, I sometimes find life overwhelming and absurd. I struggle with the knowledge that the people I love will eventually die, and that their deaths will almost certainly be preceded by a period of suffering and decline. More selfishly, I am conscious of my own numbered days, my own vulnerability to sickness and decay." Irukandji

Any thinking person who looks at this life with all of its pains and struggles, is going to feel "overwhelmed." Millions try and find refuge in drugs or in alcohol. Most try and deal with their dread of death by using the word "eventually," thinking that they are putting it off into the distant. But the reality is, millions are cut off by death in their youth and they find that their "eventually" wasn’t distant at all.

When I was 20 years-old, I began thinking for the first time in my godless life. I thought about life’s purpose and its fragility, and how it seemed insane that we had the amazing ability to put a man on the moon, and yet we didn’t even know what we were doing here on earth. I thought it strange that medical science spent billions of dollars trying to find a cure for the common cold, and it did nothing to try and stop the aging process. It seemed insane that we were all going to die and nobody talked about it, asked why, or even looked for an answer to it.

So I thought that it was wise to simply live a long healthy life. I would try and die healthy. I decided to visit my doctor to see if he had some advice. Hope dissipated as I watched him light up a cigarette and breath the carcinogen-filled smoke into his sick-looking body.

Neither can a fantasy help, that tells us that we are nothing but part of a "species." Then again, each of us can, at any moment in time stop believing the fantasy, and with a little thought use our God-given eyes and ears to know that God exists. This amazing place we call a "universe" didn’t happen by accident.

Each of us (by the grace of God) can listen to the voice of our conscience, know that we have sinned against His perfect Law, and understand that Hell is a reality. It’s then that the cross will make sense. Upon our repentance and faith in Jesus, God will give us everlasting life and lift us out of the futility of a godless lifestyle.