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Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Honest Atheist

Despite what many atheists have said about the brilliant mind of Steven J., he’s not good for the cause of evolution. He is way too honest. Recently, he let a really big cat out of the bag. "Carl" asked him the same question that I asked myself, about the age of "Ardi."

When I watched a documentary on the discovery of the famous fossil, I was amazed that they didn’t date the bones at 4.4 million years old. They instead dated the soil in which they were found. My immediate thought was, "How do they know that Ardi’s age was the same as what they perceive as the soil’s age, and how do we know that the dating system is accurate?"

Let’s say I died next week and I’m buried in soil that geologists say is 2.6 million years old. One hundred thousand years pass and new geologists dig up my bones. They want to know how old my bones are, but instead of testing them, they test the compacted now rock strata in which I was buried, and conclude that they are 2.6 million years old.

So Carl asked Steven J. "How do we know Ardi is 4.4 million years old? I tried looking up the details regarding Ardi's age of 4.4 million years and all I could find was that they looked at the volcanic layer above and below. This makes me skeptical because I know that in dating Lucy, they had to drive miles away from the site to even find anything they could measure, dating wise. Was the dating done at the site where Ardi was found? If not, or if we don't know, are we just taking their word for it?"

Then, thanks to honest-Steven, out comes the cat. He said, "Strictly speaking, you'd be taking geologists' word for it." And therein he revealed the blind unquestioning faith of the average believer in evolution