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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monkey Scheme

So you can sing along:

Monkey Scheme
by http://www.apologetix.com/

Here they come -- talkin' down at me -- I get the funniest looks ‘cause -- I said I don't believe / They say we were monkeys -- They think they're sayin' something profound / But where's their missing link at? There weren't any bodies found / They built a man from a hog's tooth -- They called a lie the truth / And any time they get busted -- They sell you something new / They say we were monkeys -- I think that they've been monkeyin' around / Cause they're too busy changin' their books and their studies 'round / They're just tryin' to defend it -- they got a lot to re-explain / Where they've done excavation -- they keep uncoverin' mistakes / Any time -- or anywhere -- Just look over the boulders -- You'll see that man's been there / They say we were monkeys -- I think their heads are stuck in the ground / Cause they're too busy diggin' and putting the Bible down

Java Man was the skull of a gibbon; Nebraska Man was the tooth of a pig and / The Piltdown Man was a lowdown sham; They built that man from an organutan / Ramapithicus wasn't complete; He's a fragment of jaw and a couple of teeth / Addition skeletons show us today that he isn't our relative -- only an ape / Australapithicus alias Lucy, The fossil of this is just vague and confusing / The wonderful knee bone they're proud to possess was 200 feet deeper -- a mile from the rest / Neanderthal Man was prob'ly deficient in Vitamin D or it might've been rickets / But he had religion and musical instruments, fire and tools and from you he's no different

They say we were monkeys but people came from dust in the ground / But they're too busy thinkin’ to look into what we've found / They're just kinda pretending, but I know why they seem afraid / If we come from creation, you need God’s son to be saved / They say we were monkeys but there was no evidence found / Still you'd better get ready -- They'll make it up anyhow...