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Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Ray, why do Creationists find it funny that you say bananas are designed to fit the human hand and that that is testament to the genius of the Creator? Why would it be funny to them? To my knowledge you've never answered this question, and I don't think that you can." Raoul Rheits

This is a great question. It’s because Christians have a sense of humor, and recognize a little wit when they see it. Almost all of my audios have humor in them, but I rarely use it on this blog. The reason for this, is because even though many atheists have a great sense of humor, the bitter and angry ones (that I mostly deal with) have no sense of humor at all.

The banana routine was meant to be funny (something I have said from the beginning). I even thought it was funny. Christians thought it was funny. My mistake was doing it on television without a live audience, and some humorless atheists took it seriously. Perhaps we should have used a laughing-track so that they could have spotted it.

But now Thunderf00t has made this video which vindicates me, by showing a live audience who are responding with laughter. He has even created another one called "Creationist Cowards Diss Darwin" in which he not only promotes my books, but he gives my website address.

Maybe Thunderf00t has been thinking about the discussion we had about God. Maybe he’s been reading his Bible. Maybe he’s a closet Christia . . . Nah.