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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Further guidelines for those who comment...

I delete anything that makes reference to me without using my correct name. This includes "Raymondo" and even "Raymond" (my mother is the only one that uses that name).

I delete untrue comments such as "Ray is a liar and he’s admitted it," or references to crimes that I have supposedly committed, or any reference to a well-known creationist (and friend) who is in prison for not paying taxes. I do that out of respect for him and especially for his family.

I deleted one comment this morning that began with "Moron!" and ended with "Idiot!" I guess civility is relative.

I also delete untrue comments such as me not believing in going to the doctor if you are sick (I regularly visit my doctor). One the other day was deleted because of the phrase "You know d-mn well..."

I trust that these are helpful, and that you will keep commenting because open debate like this is healthy for any society.