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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If You Weren't Such a Coward

"Ray, if you weren't such a coward, you wouldn't have comments held back until they are approved in the first place. It's a common thread among creationists. Whether it be blocking comments and responses or screening them as you do, creationists always need preemptive damage control lest they suffer a nonstop barrage of truth. In public, no less!"

Dear (I would put your real name, but you didn't give it), don’t entertain the thought for a moment that I’m afraid of truth. That’s not the reason for moderation. I would love not to have to wade through thousands of comments. The reason we have it is because I once had a blog with Examiner.com that had no moderation. I quit after a week because of the filth that was being written. I have been on the streets for years and have heard almost everything that could be heard. But this was different. Atheists were saying things about my wife and female members of my staff that I wouldn’t repeat in male company. So I quit. You won that battle. But before you get too excited, let me tell you something.

I recently watched a game of rugby between New Zealand and France. If you aren’t aware, a good game of rugby is like American football during a really good and fast play, but for 80 minutes. It’s non-stop excitement.

We weren’t able to catch the game live, but when we found it on YouTube, I sat down with my boys to watch it. When the French scored, I didn’t get upset at all. When they scored again, I complimented them on a good play. I had perfect peace throughout the entire game, because I knew the outcome before I watched it. I knew that we had won the game.

So when atheists win a play and drive me off a site, or when hundreds of them give my books a one-star on Amazon so people won’t buy them, it doesn’t worry me at all. Go for it. Great play. I have perfect peace, because I know the outcome. We win.

So why do I stay in the game? Because it’s your salvation I’m concerned about, not my own. That’s already sealed.