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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Was Hitler a Christian?

"Oh, and by the way, according to your doctrine, Hitler is in heaven. He was a Christian creationist, like you. If you're going to heaven because you believe in God, so he did."

Believing in God or being a creationist has nothing to do with going to Heaven. Every sane person believes in the existence of God. I believed in God before I was a Christian. Going to Heaven comes by the grace of God (His mercy) through trust in Jesus.

Our beliefs have nothing to do with reality. If I didn’t believe in gravity, atoms, radio waves, the wind, love, etc., because I have never seen any of these things, does not mean they don't exist because I don’t believe in them. Their existence has nothing to do with what I believe or don’t believe.

To say that Hitler was a Christian because he believed in God reveals not only your lack of understanding as to the nature of Christianity, but also of history. Hitler killed off pastors and put Nazis in their place. He was responsible for the murder of millions which reveals that he didn’t have the evidence that comes with being a Christian--the foremost being love.