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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Understand How

“What about people who are unable to make that decision? Where would my 18 month old daughter go? How about my 3 year old niece, or her 7 year old sister? How about a severely mentally handicapped adult? Or an aborted fetus? I once worked with a guy who had been a devout Christian but stopped believing in God after receiving a serious brain injury. It also left him prone to seizures and with severe brain damage. In his case, it was not a choice to turn from God, but a result of severe trauma. Heaven or Hell?”

The religious leaders at the time of Christ also had an interesting question. They asked Jesus about a woman who was married to seven men. Each man she married died, one after the other. Their question was, “Whose wife will she be in Heaven?” Jesus replied that they asked that question because they didn’t know the Scriptures, nor did they understand the “power” of God.

Those who ask the above question have the same problem. They don’t know the Scriptures nor do they understand the power of God. When it comes to the Scriptures, the skeptic stands on his own oxygen hose. He doesn't believe that they are the Word of God, and they are of no benefit to those who refuse to believe. This is no different than any other documents in life. If you are told that you have been left money in a will and you don’t believe the will is authentic, you won’t bother to claim your inheritance. Your beliefs will govern your actions.

Regarding the "power" of God. I have often pointed out that the god the atheist doesn’t believe in, doesn’t exist. He conceives of a god in his own mind, and then dismisses his own creation. Making any god in your own image is a form of idolatry, and is a violation of the Second of the Ten Commandments.

I have a problem describing the power of God because He is indescribable. But let me try with something to which you may be able to relate--my dog. Without exaggeration, he has at least 500,000 hairs on his small furry frame. A quick study will show that every piece of his soft fur is growing in a different direction. It was pre-programmed to do so. What sort of mind could create every growing hair on his body? What sort of power can create a living animal that can think, reproduce of its own kind, reveal his emotions through his eyes, have instincts to eat, drink, chase cats, be loyal, and protect property?

Then think of all the different types of dogs in the world, all the other animals, all the people, the insects, fish and birds, all with instincts, emotions, desires, eyes that can see, and brains that can think. These are all just a tiny part of the incredible creation of an Almighty and indescribable God. He made them and gave them life. He can see everywhere at one time, He knows everything, and with Him nothing is impossible.

I say all this to let you know that God has the power and will do that which is right on Judgment Day. With all our professed intelligence, we don’t know how to make a tiny seed from nothing. The eternal God made everything from nothing, therefore the distance between man’s impotence and God’s infinite power solves the “Don’t Understand How” (DUH) problem.

P.s. Let me spell it out--for those of you who think I didn't answer the question. God will do what is right for the mentally handicapped, the toddler who dies, or for the aborted child.