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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wrong Again . . .

Paleontologists from Poland and Sweden discovered dozens of 397-million-year-old fossil footprints in the Holy Cross Mountains of southeastern Poland, as revealed in the January 7 issue of the journal Nature. The prints were made by tetrapods, which are vertebrate animals with four limbs.

Grzegorz Pienkowski, a paleontologist at Warsaw University, told National Geographic that they are the oldest tetrapod tracks and the oldest evidence of true tetrapods.

What's significant about the discovery is the age of the tracks. While evolutionists have firmly held that tetrapods appeared about 375 million years ago after transitional forms between fishes and land animals appeared 385 million years ago, the latest discovery places tetrapods in existence even before the transitional animals.

"The finds suggests that the elpistostegids (transitional forms) that we know were late-surviving relics rather than direct transitional forms, and they highlight just how little we know of the earliest history of land vertebrates," the journal's editor writes.

Per Ahlberg, a paleontologist at Uppsala University in Sweden, who led the new research, told CNN, "In the course of a single afternoon I found myself revising the entire understanding I had of my own research."

Rana believes the find basically throws a "monkey wrench" into the long-held evolutionary model.

Source: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/tetrapod.footprint.discovery.busts.evolutionary.paradigm.says.biochemist/25037.htm