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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I found this on a blog...

"Hey fellas, did you hear that Ray Comfort is offering a free lobster dinner to any atheist who mails him a postcard? Details are on his blog. Sounds like an old Gestapo trick to me. Ray must be compiling the names and addresses of all the atheists in America into a database."

1. There's no need for a postcard (where did he get that?)
2. We are not keeping your addresses. Why would I do that anyway? So I could one day write you a letter? I can say what I want, directly to you--on my blog. Will I one day show up at your house and have you arrested for not believing in God?

This is America. Men and women shed their blood so you could be free to believe as you wish.

One more thought, for those (few) of you who are a little paranoid about sending addresses. I sent out over 300 books (and gift certificates) to atheists over a year ago. Ask any of them if I have harassed them, or followed them up in any way. Then again, you may believe that they are just part of the conspiracy...