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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"His moral Law has been written by His hand on your mind--"I thought you said it was written on our hearts. When are the Christians in this country going to start speaking out against the killing of gays in Uganda? You see this Christian madness going on right in front of you and not a word. Just like the inquisition, slavery and crusades all over again. Religion is an engine of grief." Froggie

I’m pleased that you are paying attention. I deliberately said "mind" because a common ploy of atheists is to mock the use of the word "heart," asking if God writes His Law on blood pumps. It seems that they don’t listen to much music or loves songs--where hearts are broken, or where people "take heart," or where someone "wears his heart on his sleeve."

I’m a Christian, and I’m speaking out today against the killing of gays in Uganda. It’s also wicked for American’s to kill babies in the womb. I’m not sure how many gays have been murdered in Uganda, but I do know that over 50 million human beings have been murdered in the womb in the United States.

I notice that you call the atrocities in Uganda "Christian" madness, as if those who are doing the slaughter are Christians. I think you mean "religious" folk. There's a big difference.

I agree with you about “religion” being an engine of grief. Atheistic communism is number one when it comes to atrocities in history. Religion comes in second. So the problem isn’t atheism or religion. It’s the heart of man, which the Bible says is "desperately wicked."

So if you are concerned with wickedness, you had better look to yourself first, get your heart right with the God you have offended, and then take heart and take the gospel to Uganda and see the power of God change the hearts of men. You go to Uganda for that purpose. It is for that purpose that I came to the U.S.