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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bogus Wife

An atheist questioned my relationship with God, the reality of which I likened to my relationship with my wife. Jay wrote,

"I'll first note that the description of knowing the Lord given here is a far cry different from any marriage I've ever witnessed, and certainly nothing like mine. I interact with my wife; I talk to her verbally, and hear her audibly. I embrace her to show my love, and she embraces back. Sometimes we have differing opinions and sometimes this leads to arguments. We often take walks in the evening with our dog, and discuss the days events. I try to comfort her when she's upset, and she does the same for me. I do trust her implicitly and she is always in my thoughts..."

I wrote back "I don't believe your wife exists. Prove to me that she does. Until then, I think that she is a figment of your imagination."

He said, "I've sent an email to the address you usually ask that correspondences be sent (mark at living waters dot com, is this correct?). It contains a picture of me and wife, taken outside the MGM Casino in Las Vegas last month."

How do I know that’s your wife?

"I will also take a photo of my marriage license if you wish (with certain information redacted of-course)."

I think it’s one of those bogus $5 Vegas marriage licenses or something you have done on Photoshop.

"I'll have to require you to make an effort to come meet her. We live in the upstate of South Carolina. You, as well as your family are more than welcome to come spend some time with us if you are ever in the area. We'll gladly take you out to dinner at our expense."

Thank you for your kind hospitality, but you could easily find an actress who could pretend to be your wife.

"I've provided you with as much evidence as is available to me at this moment, and I'm perfectly willing to provide more upon request."

You have provided me with no evidence at all. I do not believe the woman you say is your wife exists. Therefore, in my mind, she doesn’t exist.

The truth is, you can’t prove to me that she is your wife if I have the presupposition that she doesn’t exist, and I’m not open to "reason."

Creation is 100% proof that there is a Creator to anyone open to reason. For some reason, I am surrounded on this blog by unreasonable people--those who aren’t open to reason. But I will keep trying to reach you (and others) as long as I have life in me.

Thanks for writing. Love to your wife.