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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome again to Atheist Church.

Today’s sermon once again is an exposition of Luke’s wonderful gospel.

"So the child grew and became strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his manifestation to Israel" (Luke 2:80)

God was manifest in human form, and the spirit that gave His body its life, was "strong." There are some who don’t believe that they have a spirit, but it is the spirit that gives life to the body.

This week I will be having lunch with a Christian friend who has no arms or legs. He has half a body, but his spirit is as complete as any other physically whole person. He is a complete person. Again, that’s because the spirit is separate from the body. It’s its life. Your body without your spirit is dead.

Jesus was strong in spirit. If you read the harmony of the gospels you will see that the religious leaders who hated God, tried to kill Jesus ten times before He reached the cross. Each time the Bible says something like, "It was not yet His time." He came to die and no one other than God could choose the time and place. He simply walked through the midst of those who were about to kill Him.

When He cleared the temple, He was so strong in spirit no one tried to stop Him. When He answered their questions, His words were so powerful their mouths were stopped. They didn't say another word. He spoke to the dead and they came back to life. He spoke to the wind and it obeyed Him. He said that the hour would come when His voice would raise every human being back to life, and that He would judge them.

The proud knees of every skeptic will one day bow before Jesus Christ, and call Him "Lord." This will happen. We will see every hate-filled and bitter God-denying atheist (as well as every kind and loving God-denying atheist) acknowledge His Lordship. What a fearful Day that will be, for those who die in their sins.

And for those of you who will accuse me of lying about an armless and legless man, take the time to watch this short clip:


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Announcements: I will be addressing the question of evolution’s definition, this week.

Benediction: This week, may you listen to the birds, look at the flowers, feel the warmth of the sun, stand in awe at the vastness of the heavens, and consider Him that created them.