Hover over Romans 1:20-22 for proof of God's existence, and over Matthew 5:27-28 for Judgment Day’s perfect standard. Then hover over John 3:16-18 for what God did, and over Acts 17:30-31 for what to do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Christianity is Unfair...

"Are you telling me that someone like Hitler could have repented and put his faith in Jesus just before he died, and got an instant ticket to Heaven? That’s unfair!"

Let's leave the extreme case of Hitler for a moment and look at the case of Joe Average. He is a normal re-blooded male. He lusts incessantly--at women on the street, at work, on billboards, in movies and on TV. However, every time he looks at a woman in such a way, he is committing adultery (see Matthew 5:27-28).

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he has committed adultery in his heart tens of thousands of times. He lies regularly, takes things that don't belong to him, and he habitually uses God's name in vain.

So, Joe Average truly has a "multitude" of sins that will come out as evidence of his guilt on Judgment Day. He has no justification. He knew it was wrong to lie and steal. He knew intuitively that God gave him life (see Romans 1:18-20), but instead of showing any gratitude, he used His holy name as a cuss-word to express disgust.

Therefore Hell is where he should go, if God is "fair" and does that which is right and just.

But God is "unfair." He offers Joe a complete pardon for his sins. Jesus paid his fine 2,000 years ago, and that means God (as Judge) can legally dismiss Joe's case upon his repentance and faith in Jesus and let him live.

And what will happen to Hitler on Judgment Day? That is up to God. But whatever happens, you can be sure that justice will be done. In the meanwhile, make sure that your sins are forgiven through repentance and faith in Jesus. There is nothing more important.