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Friday, June 11, 2010

Spitting Image

"Isn't there just one punishment for all crimes? I thought you taught that your God was so perfect he saw all sin as the same regardless as to how small it may seem to us. If everyone in Hell is tortured for eternity, how is there a difference in punishment?" Wolfgang

Light travels 93 million miles to the earth from the surface of a massive and exploding* star. Although there are gravity and electromagnetic influences, it is generally believed that light travels in a straight line. An atheist doesn't know what created the light, but the Christian believes that God is its Creator. Whatever the case, light doesn’t compromise. Every beam holds its integrity for an incredible 93,000,000 miles.

The Bible reveals that light is just a creation of God, but His justice is part of His eternal character. However, they both have something in common. They both hold their integrity. The light of His absolute and uncompromising justice will penetrate right down to the dark thoughts of the human mind. What’s more, the judgment that comes from such illumination with be "according to truth" (see Romans 2:2).

While human laws vary when it comes to punishment--some are very lenient, and others for the same offence seem overly harsh, God’s justice will be perfectly accurate for every transgressor of His moral Law. This is what the Bible calls "equity" (see Psalm 98:9, KJV). The murderer will get perfect justice. The rapist will receive exactly what is due. So will the adulterer, the fornicator, and those who violated God's Law in their thought-life (see Matthew 5:27-28).

You and I can complain that such a high standard of judgment is unfair, but we might as well spit at the sun because we think it's too bright or too hot or we don't like the fact that it doesn't compromise. We may also complain about the eternality of Hell, but that will also be in vain. "Damned" means damned forever. There will be no escape once you find yourself in Hell. Time will be withdrawn and you will find yourself in eternity. Such thoughts horrify me, but not for myself. I'm horrified for you.

Neither whining ("forever is too long") nor unbelief ("I don’t believe in a god") will save a soul from the justice of Hell. The only thing that can deliver us from what we deserve is God’s mercy (what we don’t deserve), and He offers that to all humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. He will shelter all who repent and trust in Him from the perfect and uncompromising light of the justice of a holy God.

* Thank you to those who have corrected me. I should have used the word "explosive."