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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Book!

I've been reading an excellent book by a wealthy motivational author named Sol Davidson. This leaves other best sellers (like, Swimming with the Sharks) dead in the water. Sol Davidson is now dead, but he came from a very interesting background. His life reads like a tabloid.

He was the son of a war hero, who became rich but made a mess of his life after committing adultery. He inherited his father's wealth and became even richer than him. That’s when he began writing about good investments, seduction, laziness, how to gain wealth, how to handle your boss, about women, and many other subjects.

His book eventually became a best-seller, but like many successful men, he ended up having a number of bad marriages. Still, his wisdom is amazing. I read him regularly in a effort to learn from his experiences. I would encourage you to read him also. You will find his book directly after the Book of Psalms: "The Proverbs of Solomon the Son of David, King of Israel..."