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Friday, June 4, 2010

Proselytizing Moslems

"Still waiting to hear about your open air preaching in front of a mosque. Or don't Muslims deserve to hear your preaching?" Iago

It seems that this question is important to you because you have asked this about as many times as you have asked how old I considered the earth to be. So I will try to give you an answer.

I never preach outside of Mosques, Kingdom Halls, Indian Temples, etc., in an attempt to proselytize. However, if I saw a crowd of people who happened to be sitting around outside a Mosque, a Kingdom Hall or a Temple, I hope I would have the courage to preach to them. I would simply say that they need not try and find everlasting life through their own works, but that it comes as a gift of God, through Jesus Christ. I did this outside an Anglican church in New Zealand to crowds almost every day for 12 years. They allowed me to park on their property and keep my "soapbox" in their church.

I also preached outside of a Catholic church in Milan, Italy, to a large crowd, a couple of years ago. Just after I finished speaking, the Italian police held me for a hour, and the top police officer yelled at me for about an hour--threatening (among other things) to seize all of our camera gear. He was in plain clothes, and was extremely angry because he believed that we had taken his photo. We had, so I apologized, signed a form of guilt, and he let me go. But not before he posed with me for a picture.

Pic. Plain clothes top cop.