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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Sales Pitch

"Ray, you're out and about a lot. Are there situations in which you don't go into missionary mode? You know, where you just idly chat with people and not bring your Christian sales pitch into it in any way? That's not meant as a snide remark, I'm actually curious about it." captain howdy

If you and I had dinner together, I wouldn't bring up the subject of God, unless you did. That’s because you have heard it all before, and because I am capable of carrying on a conversation about other things.

However, while we talked of politics, oil spills, dogs, etc., I would be thinking about your salvation, and the reason for that (which I have explained before) is that I am utterly convinced beyond the hint of the tiniest doubt, that if you die in your sins, you will end up in Hell. And that horrifies me.

Here's a lame analogy. You are having dinner with a friend who is sipping from a glass of water that you know has been spiked with arsenic. You tell your friend that you saw the waiter drop it into his drink, but he doesn’t believe you even though he is beginning to get the first symptoms of arsenic poisoning. He gets a headache, and becomes confused and sleepy. But in the midst of it, he mocks you and laughs at what you say, as he drinks more of his poisoned water.

Then he says, "Let’s talk of other things. How old do you think this restaurant is? I don’t believe anyone built this. Do you?" So what do you do? Do you enter into a conversation about things that don’t matter? Or do you plead with him to stop drinking and get to a doctor?

You want me to talk of other things, but you are drinking "iniquity like water" and getting closer and closer to death and Hell. Meanwhile, I thank God that we met through this blog, and I will continue with my "sales pitch" as long as you stick around.