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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Evolution of Stupidity

"Ray, humans are all primates... We're not stupid, despite what you may think." Blu

I have to be blunt; I do think that those who believe in evolution aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Here's what evolutionists believe (oops! I have to remember--they don’t "believe" anything). Okay, here's then what evolution folks think. They think that evolution has no intelligence. It is responsible for the making (oops! I blew it again, by using the word "making," when evolution doesn’t make anything)... it is responsible for the ever so slow development of the human eye, the brain, the blood, the heart, kidneys, liver, the perfect mix of oxygen in the air, the positioning of the sun and the planets, the seasons, male and female of all animals, birds, fish and insects, gravity, the amazing seas, the succulent fruits, beautiful flowers and massive trees.

All of nature came about because of this invisible unintelligent thing called "evolution" that doesn't think, and, conveniently has no sense of right and wrong. No one has observed it or seen it in action because it happens over extremely long periods of time, and time is what we humans don’t have. Not that sort of time. Evolution just is. Then man, supposedly the most intelligent product of evolution, thinks that he’s an ape and that bananas are his cousins.

I watched a video years ago, where some missionaries tried to convince jungle natives that some people where they came from believed that we came from apes. The natives were incredulous and laughed at the thought. And so they should. Evolution is nothing but a pathetic joke, celebrated by believers as being scientific.

No doubt you will keep believing it, and telling yourself that you are not stupid. But the heartbreak is that the moment you pass into death, you will realize that that is exactly what you were. Stupid (the Bible uses the word "fool"). Because you chose to believe a lie rather than to embrace the truth, and will not only miss out on the infinite pleasures of Heaven, but will justly have to endure the terrible (and just) retribution of Hell. Please, come to your senses.