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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something You Should Know...

I noticed more-than-usual abuse and name-calling in the comments yesterday (sadly, some had to be deleted). A number were pretty upset that I didn't bother to correct misunderstandings people had about the theory of evolution.

But if someone is in mortal danger, I'm not going to waste my time correcting details they believe about some fairy tale. Also, some of you were more angry than normal. I don’t think I have seen the sophisticated Steven J. lose his cool before, although he did apologize later.

So, the question comes to mind--Why stay here? Why do contentious atheists hang around a short, dumb, ignorant Christian? It's not good for your health to blow a fuse daily. This has been going on for nearly three years, and it doesn’t make sense. Go to an atheist blog and fellowship with people who agree with your beliefs.

For some of you it's like going out into your garage each day, picking up a hammer and using it to hit your thumb (perhaps some of you could go onto Doctor Phil and talk it out. That would be an interesting program). I think I know what the good doctor would say: "If he upsets you, just move on." Steven J. can stay here to keep me on the straight and narrow (if he still wants to).

Another reason that you may want to move on, is that I am using you to help my cause. There's a warning in the sidebar saying that, but some of you may not have seen it. For example, when I write something for a book and I need input, I don’t go to one of my editors or to those I trust as advisers. I go first to you guys. You are my best critics. You don't hold back for fear of offending me.

I lower what I have written into the piranha bowl (Atheist Central) and see what’s left.

For example, when I recently published an entire chapter from a new book I'm writing, called, Hitler, God and the Bible, I wanted to see where the weaknesses may have been in my case. Sure enough, one of you came back with quotes from other versions of the Bible, saying that God "punishes" children. I then went to the original Hebrew word for "visiting," and was able to strengthen my argument before the book goes to print.

So as much as I appreciate your help, you may not like me doing that, and that is a reason you should move along. Still, I count it an honor to have atheists here. It really is unique.