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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God's Behavior

"But how do you know that you're saved Ray. Looking at God's behaviour in the bible, it wouldn't be the first time that he's changed the deal. He might just change his mind the second after you've died and decide to throw you in Hell just because he could. If there were a God, especially your God, I wouldn't trust him." Andy Duchemin

The Christian knows that he is "saved" because God has written His Law upon his heart. That is the biblical way of saying that God made him completely new on the inside, through the experience of the new birth. This isn’t a change of mind, or a change of heart, or a new way of living. It is the radical experience of being made a brand new person--someone who didn't think about God for a moment, to someone who loves God with all of his heart' and this can only come through repentance and faith in Jesus. The unseen Creator of the universe gives the sinner His Holy Spirit, forgives all of his sins, gives him new desires, and "seals" him as one of His.

If I was to ask you the question, "How do you know that you are alive?" how would you answer? You would probably say that you are conscious of that which is around you. You can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. You feel. You have emotions and appetites. You experience life. Yet all those evidences are subjective. Your life may be a dream, or you may be delusional. Still, they are the most compelling evidences you have.

The same applies to my life in Christ. You can shoot it down as being subjective, however, I have some sweet icing on the cake of subjectivity. It's God's Word. The Bible is more than an historical book. It’s a book that gives me the written promises of the Creator. It tells me that it is impossible for God to lie. I believe that. You don't. Neither do you trust God. I do. I trust Him because I know Him. You don’t, because you refuse to know Him. That’s your choice, but it will tragically be to your eternal detriment.

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