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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Superfluity of Worms

"You assert that there are no transitional forms between species, when you do not even seem to know what species are. You assert that all animals have both males and females, when some have neither, some have hermaphroditic individuals, and some have only females. You even assert that Satan tempted Jesus to commit suicide, when the very text you are expounding on states that Satan assured Jesus that angels would protect them (in which case, jumping off the pinnacle of the temple would not be a suicide attempt -- though, depending on how reliable the angels were, it might still be lethal). Oh, and John Lennon was not a conventional theist -- or if he was, he hid it very, very well. You're wrong, with depressing consistency, concerning matters we can check; why should we assume that you have accurate insights into hidden matters?" Steven J.

First, let's pin down what "species" means. A species is a group of animals that are capable of reproducing after their kind. When we speak of "endangered species," we are speaking of a certain "kind" of animal--a lion, an elephant, or a horse. Lions don't mate with other species. Neither do dogs or cats. Every animal species brings forth after its own kind, as the Bible says. There is no evidence in the fossil record or in existing creation of any animal species transitioning from on kind to another. Any beliefs that there are animals that crossed from one kind to another, are not backed by any observable evidence.

Your second point is my assertion that all animals have male and female. It’s obvious that a very small part of God’s creation are hermaphroditic, and so it is superfluous for me to have to each time I say that to have to put in brackets: (excluding worms, slugs, and some flowers). It's self-evident.

As regards your point about Satan tempting Jesus to take his own life. If you ever hear a voice in your head telling you to jump off a building, and not to worry because God will catch you, don’t listen to it. Shakespeare was right when he said, "The devil can cite scripture for his purpose." Satan is the "father of lies," so make sure you doubt his word, and believe the Word of God.

John Lennon was obviously a theist, but his concept of what or who God is was an idolatrous "image." He imagined that there was no Heaven and Hell, and the god he believed in was also the product of his imagination...a graven image within his mind.

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