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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not a Bad Choice...

"You seem to suggest that a Christian only commits 'small' sins after a hard fought battle. I see no reason why that hard fought battle can not end in murder. In addition, your doctrine makes little distinction between small and large sins. It is entirely possible that Chapman had his battles with sin, and still planned the murder. You see Ray, good and evil deeds just come down to a simple choice. 'Sin' is just making a bad choice." MollyKnits

To try and justify a cold-blooded murderer, all you have to do is change the definition of "sin" to suit yourself. This is similar to the mentality of someone who says, "I believe that the sun is made of ice, therefore it is." Personal belief doesn't change reality.

Sin is not a bad choice. It is violation of God’s Law (see 1 John 3:4). Sin is lying, stealing, adultery, hatred, murder, fornication, blasphemy, greed, ingratitude to God for life, idolatry (making up a false God), dishonor of parents, and failing to put God first in your affections. God wrote the Commandments in stone. They are eternal. Changing the definition doesn't do anything to change the Commandments.

You may be thinking that if God turns out to exist, atheism was simply a bad choice. However, it is in truth a violation of the First and Second of the Ten Commandments. Smoking cigarettes is a bad choice. It will destroy your body and eventually leave you in a 24 hour panic, gasping for every breath, until you suffocate. Death will eventually bring relief. But the ultimate consequences of the belief of atheism are far worse. The foolish thought that nothing created everything (the only alternative to believing that Something created everything) will cause you to die in your sins, and receive the fearful Justice of a holy God. From that there will be no relief.