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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion Statement

Listening to what atheists believe about science makes me smile. They remind me of teenagers and "fashion."

Teenagers embrace what they think is cool, not realizing that every generation was just like them, in that they also thought that they were up-to-date, state-of-the-art, looking cool. Yet they were more than likely the product of some marketer with a brain, who knew that people are just like sheep, especially easily fleeced teenagers.

They must laugh all the way to the bank when a generation thinks that worn out jeans with holes in the knees, looks cool. But that’s nothing new. Think of the embarrassingly stupid clothes of the 1960’s, or the ridiculous hairstyles (moustaches) and fat ties of the 70's, or the dumb disco-look of the 80’s, and the ugly mullets of the 90's. They all look stupid in retrospect, and yet those who were caught up in the look, thought they looked cool.

So it is with the atheist, as he coolly quotes what he believes is modern science. He thinks he has arrived at truth, and states his beliefs as such. He thinks that he is part of the state-of-the-art “we have finally arrived” generation. Yet, what he believes about mutations, genes, evolution, origins, planets, the universe, gravity, etc., will be laughed at with scorn in a hundred years time. We are tomorrow's flat-earther's.

In contrast, the Bible has always been laughed at and mocked, by those who don’t know God. This is simply because of its moral implications. It's unchanging words stand like a rock, as a condemnation on all sin, and hold humanity ultimately accountable to Almighty God. Very unnerving for the ungodly.