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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get a Life...


Seeing the above comment from an atheist, reminded me of when I preached open air in New Zealand for many years. One of the things my regular hecklers enjoyed doing was to climb to the steeple of the large church building in front of me, and shout out a long, drawn-out "Boring" in unison.

A bar of solid gold is boring to a toddler. It's too heavy to play with. He hasn’t the brain-power to understand its value. To him, sucking his thumb is far more interesting.

The leader of the group of hecklers, a guy named Jeff, recently wrote to me and earnestly asked about Christianity. I guess he's grown out of thumb-sucking, and is interested in everlasting life.

Pic. New Zealand newspaper article, 1989. Heckler bottom right.