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Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to the Monkeys

"I suggest the following experiment: let's have a million PEOPLE sitting at a million keyboards typing to see if they would type ANYTHING intelligent. Oh wait that one's already been done. It's called the Blogosphere." Alan Trimble

I'm sure that if enough time was given, a million monkeys could write a few words that were intelligent. Maybe there is a possibility that two or three words would be spelled correctly and actually sit together. However, the chances that chance (and time--no matter how long) would produce an actual sentence, beginning with a capital, ending with a period, containing a predicate and a subject, along with an adjective, a pronoun and a conjunction, is astronomical. But it could happen in principle. The possibility is there, somewhere.

However, an atheist doesn't believe any such thing when it comes to how actual life was produced in the beginning. He moves into the realm of the absolute impossible. He believes that there were no computers and no monkeys to begin with, and what was then left didn't just produce a word or a sentence. He believes that this absence of anything produced everything.

Those who are familiar with the structure of a human cell will tell you that there is nothing basic or simple about it. Life in its "simplest" form is incredibly complex. It's not just a sentence or book that had to happen by chance, it is a mass of bound, proofed, titled and printed encyclopedia's.

Still, such is the belief of those who deem themselves intelligent, then cloke themselves in science, and mock those who believe otherwise. But I have no choice. It's not intelligence that stops me having the faith of an atheist. It's simple common sense.