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Friday, November 12, 2010

PZ Myers...

I noticed that my friend PZ Myers has promoted me from "banana man" to the leader of a "death cult." Some unnamed person 7,000 miles away sent a card to someone who said that it could have been sent to an elderly person, and that elderly person may have been upset because it spoke about death. He then wrongfully accuses me of "targeting the elderly with cards to remind them of their mortality and imminent need of salvation...Hey, lady, you're old and are going to die soon. Come to church now! Put us in your will!"

Thus, I was promoted to the leader of a death cult. It seems that PZ comes to conclusions about people the same way he comes to conclusions with the science fiction theory of evolution. Censorship, intolerance, and hate speech aren't restricted to the religious world.

When my book,You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think was first published and knocked The God Delusion off the number one spot on Amazon.com, he said to his faithful flock, "I don't recommend reading Comfort's book..." Of course this may be "quote-mined" For those who don't know this favorite atheist word, a quote-mine is when you take something out of context so that it says something that the writer never intended.

So PZ may be saying to actually read the book. But I doubt it. I don't think he wants any atheists to see the stupid nature of atheism. Neither does he want his flock to see the unscientific nature of evolution; that it doesn’t have a bone to stand on.

Ad hominem attacks are his specialty. When you can't provide an argument, insult your opponent. Some of his funny little insults include calling me a "parasite," a "sleazebag," an "idiot," an "ignoramus," a "kook," and a "clown." He says that I'm "deluded and confused and ignorant." He also says that I have an "itty-bitty body." Okay, I will give him that one.

I was once booked to debate PZ. On August 1, 2008, he lamented "I've agreed to another talk radio debate — this time it's not a Christian radio station, so there's hope of some ethical behavior on their part — on WDAY, AM 970 next Tuesday, 5 August, at 10am."

For some reason the station suddenly changed the format. I know that PZ didn't chicken out [when I first posted, I insinuated that he did. I forgot that the problem was with the radio station and not with him. My apologies to PZ].

But I wonder if he would be open to an online debate with the leader of a death cult? Don’t tell PZ about this post. It might embarrass him. He will have to say that he doesn’t want to give me "a platform"...you know how it goes. If he tries that one, I would like him to then explain why I have featured so many times on his blog?

Pic. Larry Moran