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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sincere Advice

According to the New York Times, American atheists are about to start a bold and widespread billboard, bus, train, newspaper and magazine campaign. Among other things, they will be calling passages from the Bible and the Koran "barbaric." This will be done by four separate and competing national organizations representing various streams of atheists, humanists and freethinkers.

Normally, I'm encouraged when atheists put up billboards telling people not to think about God, because I believe that it's human nature to do the opposite. But Moslems believe no such thing. Anyone who even slightly disrespects Mohammed or the Koran can be sentenced to a violent death.

When a Florida pastor was going to burn a Koran, many people were concerned that he was signing his own death warrant. The Pentagon and the President pleaded with him to back down--for his own sake and for the sake of world peace. Thankfully, he backed down.

Think of the horrific kidnapping and beheading of the U.S. journalist, Daniel Pearl, or the international violence that erupted, simply because a Danish cartoonist drew Mohammed. In India, a minister in the state government announced in February 2006 a reward of 11 million dollars for anyone who beheaded "the Danish cartoonist" who caricatured Mohammed.

There are factions within Islam that have no love or mercy. If you have any influence in these atheist organizations, please take a moment to strongly encourage them to confine the mockery to Christianity and the Bible.

We genuinely love you, and we can take it with grace.

Picture: Daniel Pearl. On May 16, 2002, his body was found cut into ten pieces, and buried in a shallow grave in the outskirts of Karachi.