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Monday, December 13, 2010

You May Find This Boring...

"What does a trillion years feel like? In light of eternity, even after a trillion years, it's only just 'beginning'. But it's your choice on where you'll spend eternity." I barely know what to do with myself if I have more than 5 hours of free time. Heaven or Hell... BOTH of those seem like torture once the novelty wears off. How do YOU reconcile the inevitable boredom you will feel after having done everything in the Universe two times over in your precious paradise in the clouds? Or is there is 'suicide' option in Heaven once you've had enough?" Lurker

I hear what you are saying. I feel the same way. I used to think that if I was ever put in prison for my faith, I would pass the time by working out. One day I had to wait for a doctor, in a small room that was about the size of a prison cell. The wait turned out to be for about 30 minutes. I enthusiastically worked out for the first five minutes, looked at all the horrible posters of lungs and other things on the wall for another five, and them spent the last 20 minutes going crazy with boredom.

Some people don't mind doing nothing. Others, like me and you, need to do something meaningful. However, this sense of boredom drives some to drink, some to drugs, some to suicide, and some to their knees.

The Bible says that when mankind fell because of sin, it brought with it the Genesis curse. This subjected the entire human race to something called "futility" (we call it "boredom"). From that moment in time, every pleasure that every human being found in this life had its high, then went back to mundane boredom. All pleasure became temporary.

The moment we find peace with God through repentance and faith in Jesus, God seals us with His Holy Spirit and marks us for His coming Kingdom. That's not some harp-playing "spiritual" realm, but life on this earth without the Genesis curse. That means no earthquakes, floods, famines, hurricanes, tornados, poisonous snakes, biting tigers, mosquitoes, pain, tears, suffering, cancer, aging, depression, disease, death, dandruff, and dentists. And guess what? No more futility! No more boredom. God promises (and He cannot lie), that all those who trust in His mercy will have pleasure "forevermore." I can’t wait. Please join us. See John chapter three for entry details.