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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Atheism Definition...

“Atheism, by definition, is a lack of belief in deities. No belief has to be substantiated by any evidence, as it isn't a true or false statement in terms of the universe. It's a personal identifier, nothing more... So, again, the burden is on the theist of any denomination to demonstrate that what they claim to be correct is, indeed, correct." Benjamin

According to "Word Origin & History" on the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word "atheism" originated in the 1580's, comes from the French word "athéisme," which came from the Greek word "atheos," which means "without god". An atheist is someone who is without God; and he certainly is.

The modern believer in atheism is like a man who believes that there was no painter as he looks at a painting. He says, "I have no belief that there was a painter." But he can't get away from faith. He believes that there is no evidence for a painter. That's his belief. That's faith.

There's no burden on theists to prove that God exists. We don't need to convince anyone that God exists, because we all know it intuitively. He is just a fool (as the Bible calls him) who denies his God-given knowledge, because he doesn't like the thought of having moral responsibility.

So my agenda isn't to prove that God exists to anyone. The only reason I so often use the "building, therefore a builder" and the "painting, therefore a painter" thought, is to show the stupidity of atheism.

My agenda is to make clear to this sin-loving world (atheists included) that they have sinned against God, and desperately need a Savior because Hell is a very real place. Atheism is just further evidence of the rebellious nature of humanity.