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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hitler and God

"Oh, there it is right there. He told General Gerhart Engel: "I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so." Why would you post a quote that directly supports my point?" Me

My apologies for not explaining myself more clearly. Adolf Hitler hated Christianity. He also hated the Bible, banned them, and had 100,000 copies of his own version printed--one that excluded the Old Testament.1

He created a false image of Jesus, saying that He wasn't a Jew but an Arian. He sent Protestant pastors (Christians) to concentration camps, and replaced them with fake (Nazi) pastors. He said of them:

“I'll make these [damn-d] parsons feel the power of the state in a way they would have never believed possible. For the moment, I am just keeping my eye upon them: if I ever have the slightest suspicion that they are getting dangerous, I will shoot the lot of them. This filthy reptile raises its head whenever there is a sign of weakness in the State, and therefore it must be stamped on. We have no sort of use for a fairy story invented by the Jews.”2

He also hated the Ten Commandments, and created 12 of his own. As you know, he hated the Jews and slaughtered six million of them.

Hitler believed he was a Christian because he was a Catholic, but Christians love the Bible, love Jesus, love Jews, love their enemies, and they do good to those who despitefully use them.

Again, though it may be hard for you to understand, Hitler was a Roman Catholic who hated Christianity. There is a huge difference between the two. This failure to understand may be because you would like them to be one in the same, as it gives you what you think is a good reason to reject Christianity.

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