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Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Atheist's Question...

"Ray will it be possible to sin in Heaven ? Why or why not?" Iago

I don't believe that God created Adam with the capacity to sin "because He didn't want him to be a robot." The argument that love must be a choice, and that's why God gave Adam a free will, doesn't hold water with me, although many believe that.

Obviously, we will not be able to sin in Heaven. The Bible makes it clear that nothing evil will enter the Kingdom of God. No liar, no thief, no adulterer, etc. If that’s the case, why will we then not be "robots" for eternity? It would seem that that God is going to have something non-robotic. So why then didn't He do that in the beginning, with Adam? It sure would have saved a lot of suffering and pain.

I don’t have an answer, and I'm fine with that. Although, I'm sure that you won't be happy with that. That's because you lack trust in God. I have plenty and it will carry me through until I will get an answer to every question I have. That will happen on the other side of death.

You don't have trust in God, but you do have trust in Darwin's theory, your professor's words, scientist's beliefs, atheism, modern evolution, dating systems, history books, planes, and of course your own fallible judgments. So, transfer that trust to your Maker and He will give you everlasting life. But make sure you genuinely repent before you do so, or nothing will happen. You can be sure of that.