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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Racial Prejudice...

"China...China...China... Ohh that's right, China! That's the country where shark's fin soup is known to have cancer curing properties, among many other potent medical and health benefits! Yeah, they're an overall reasonable bunch... ~ Cheers!" Garbanzo Beans!!!

It's amazing that you write off 1.3 billion people because you think their medical practices are foolish. Did you know that the FDA approve drugs that come from stranger things than shark fins? Did you know that many Westerners swear by broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, garlic and turnips as cancer cures?

Yep, the Chinese should sit at the U.S. and Canada’s feet (your country) and use maggots and leeches in medicine.[1] "A new study, which will feature in the International Conference on Biotherapy being held in Los Angeles, has established that using maggots, leeches, and intestinal worms as an alternative to the pills may cure infections and allergies. The research has been headed by Dr Ronald Sherman, an ex-infectious infection expert at the University of California in Irvine."[2]

But let's talk more your country, Canada. That's the place where you can mix up Sheep Sorrel herb, Turkey Rhubarb Root, and Slippery Elm Bark for a cure to cancer.[3] Canada also says "A simple inexpensive four herb tea that cures cancer? Even AIDS maybe? This has been a critical concern since Essiac tea was introduced in Canada during the early 1920's."[4] Ohh that’s right, Canada! That’s the place where maggots, leeches, tea, etc. cure cancer.

I think you are exhibiting the same closed-minded prejudice that will clearly shut you out of the Kingdom of God…unless you soften your hard heart.

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