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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Difference Between a Dummy and an Atheist

Someone gave me a dummy recently, which I put in the corner of my office. Almost everyone who enters my office is taken aback (EDIT} by his presence. He has eyes, ears, hands, feet, and a head. He looks like a human being. So what's the difference between Ernie and the average atheist? Ernie doesn't have a brain, he can't speak, and doesn't have consciousness. He's not flesh and blood. He doesn’t have a soul.

I recently interviewed a professor of biological evolution at UCLA. Even though we clashed philosophically, he conceded on the point of the existence of the soul. The thing that made him change his mind was the knowledge that in the Bible, the word "soul" and the word "life" are synonymous. He said that if that was the case, he believed that man has a soul.

Everyone has a soul. It is the soul of man that makes the brain work. If someone dies (the soul leaves the body) the brain no longer works. It is your life that looks out of your eyes; it's your life that speaks through your mouth, and it's your soul that is reading and analyzing these words.

However, man is more than just a soul. He lives in an incredible machine of working and moving parts--his amazing eyes, to his hands, and his brain. His beating heart pushes oxygen-enriched blood (that was being pulled in by his lungs) around his body and gives life to his flesh. We certainly are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

But man is more than a body and soul. He has something the Bible calls a "spirit." The body is his machine, and the soul is the power that moves the machine, but the spirit is the part of him that makes him conscious of his Creator. It is because his spirit is "dead in trespasses and sins" that he doesn't know God. Every testimony from every atheist confirms that biblical truth.

He knows of His existence because of creation and his conscience, but he doesn't know Him experientially until his spirit comes alive through the new birth of John chapter 3.

Without the new birth, you will die in your sins and lose your soul. You will lose your very life, your most precious possession. So prove that you are more than a dummy. Use your God-given brain and obey the gospel, so that you will be saved from death and Hell, and find everlasting life that is alone in Jesus Christ.