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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the Atheist Runs from God . . .

Every argument, every angry word, all the mockery, etc., that comes from the mouths of atheists does nothing but strengthen my faith in God. This is because I understand their perspective. They are like blind men who don’t believe in light. It makes sense that they mock what they don't know, and that they especially mock the gospel, because God has chosen a foolish message to confound the proud.

The atheist doesn't know about God, but God knows all about him. He knows when the atheist sits down, and when he stands up. He sees his coming out and his going in. He knows this thoughts, and He even sees him in the darkness, as though it was pure light. Check out Psalm 139 for details.

Before my conversion, such thoughts gave me the creeps. But after my conversion I understood why. I was like a criminal who hears that he has been under police surveillance for years. His every word has been secretly recorded, and his every unlawful deed captured on video. The law has been watching his crimes and it has built up its wrath.

Such thoughts are not pleasant for any criminal, and that's why any thought of God (His omniscience and moral accountability) are not at all comfortable for guilty sinners. Thus the denial of His existence. There are lots of guilty heads in the sand of atheism.

However, now that my sins are forgiven and have I equity with God's Law, I am no longer a criminal on the run. I have been acquitted though faith in Jesus. I can face that Law on Judgment Day (a Law that equates lust with adultery and hatred with murder) without the slightest guilt or fear. How about you?