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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Atheist Earrings, etc.,--for the Diehard Fundamentalist Atheist

"I suspect that a lot of parole boards look favorably upon ‘getting religion.’ This of course provides an incentive for prisoners to profess some religion. And I doubt that atheist groups are nearly as busy proselytizing in prisons as religious sects are." Steven J.

Atheists are some of the most agressive proselytizers I know. I'm not sure as to why they don't visit prisons. I have spoken in a number, and can say that there is some personal risk, and of course, there is no financial return. That may be the reason.

The many atheists I know are religious zealots, and Richard Dawkins is their number one evangelist. He's spreading the word worldwide--with his fund-producing books, Atheist T-shirts, crocoduck ties, patches, hoodies, bags, buttons, atheist earrings, DVD's, and even evolution necklaces. He does TV interviews, radio interviews, speaks at universities and special dinners, and pushes his message on billboards and on bus signs. He's very busy proselytizing (unless you think he's just in it for the money). I may be wrong, but I don't think he goes into prisons.

Having said that, I believe that it is legitimate to spread the message in which you believe, and to give people tools to do the same. Professor Dawkins wants people to "Come out." I want them to "Come in." The comparison stops there. I don't have his eloquence or persuasive ability.

I like the professor. May God keep him in health so that he continues to courageously speak out against religious hypocrisy. It sure is needed. He is almost as offended by it as I am.

Pic. A Richard Dawkin's necklance, available at http://store.richarddawkins.net/collections/accessories