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Friday, March 25, 2011

Should Atheists be Stoning Homosexuals?

Atheists often ask why Christians aren’t stoning homosexuals to death "because the Bible tells you to do that!" They are normally adamant that the Scriptures have translation errors, but with certain convenient verses they don't doubt that these are the original unchanged texts.

Most atheists are quick to tell you that Thomas Jefferson was a theist, and not a Christian. But they aren't so quick to tell you that in 1778 Jefferson penned a law that prescribed castration for those that were then called "sodomites." [1].

Jefferson wanted mere castration, but the Virginia Legislature ignored him. They so saw sodomy as such a filthy practice, they continued to prescribe the death penalty. Before 1962, the crime of sodomy was a felony in every state in the U.S., punishable by a long term in prison often with hard labor. [2].

Should we then make the assumption that an atheist from Virginia should therefore push for the death penalty for homosexuals; and that if he's from any other State at least encourage long terms in prison with hard labor, simply because his forefathers did?

However, atheists go one further with their senselessness argument. They expect Christians to instigate the 3,000 year-old civil law of another nation. They do this to try and justify their own sinful lifestyle. These and other senseless arguments are thin bushes, behind which they try and hide from God.

Btw. I love homosexuals and pray that they find everlasting life that is alone offered through the new birth of John chapter 3.

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