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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Atheist's Popular "All Jews are in Hell!"

"Ray, yesterday when you called me a hateful anti-Semite, were you aware that I was speaking of observant practicing Jews, not perceived ethnic Jews? A simple Yes or No will suffice. Thank you in advance, Sir." Lehman

I wasn't sure which you meant. However, saying that either are in Hell is horrible beyond words. I know you don't believe that Hell exists, so you can be excused for such talk. But I do believe that it’s a very real place and I am horrified that anyone would end up there, either Jew or Gentile.

Not believing in God doesn't deal with the problem of moral accountability. Any criminal who throws himself into crime because he has no belief in judges, is a fool. If the law catches up with him, he will have to pay for his crimes. If criminal law doesn’t get him in this life, the moral Law (the Ten Commandments) will in the next.

Despite the foolishness of atheism, God exists, and He will bring every work to Judgment, including every secret thing whether it’s good or evil. God made your eyes, so He can see what you do. He’s not blind. He made your brain, so He sees your thoughts. Nothing is hidden from His holy eyes. To Him, lust is adultery, and hatred is murder. Lying lips are an abomination to Him, and who of us is guiltless of breaking that Commandment? We all need a Savior, or we will get exactly what we deserve, and our “just” dessert is to be damned. There’s not a hope in Hell. It will never freeze over. Nothing is as sure.

I know that atheists say that I preach about it to hold people in fear, so that I can make money from them. But I preached in the open air more than 3,000 times (almost every week day for 12 years) without pay for preaching--when I was in New Zealand, and I have done the same thing thousands of times in the U.S. without pay. For the last 4,000 times I have preached in the open air I have given away money almost every time. Why would I do that if I was doing it for the money? If you think preaching the gospel that way feeds the ego, give it a try.

My motivation is love. I do it for no other reason. If Hell didn't exist, I wouldn't bother.

EDIT: The Popular Atheist "All Jews are in Hell!" changed to: The Atheist's Popular "All Jews are in Hell!"