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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hitler made billions from killing Jews...

“Hitler made billions from killing Jews, and American abortion makes billions each year through the slaughter of babies in the womb. The Bible certainly is right when it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. The abortion industry couldn’t care less about a woman’s choice. That’s the propaganda. It’s all about lining pockets and having the power that comes with massive wealth.”

Jonathan widened his eyes, took a deep breath and thoughtfully said, “Don’t get me wrong here dad. But let me play devil’s advocate for a minute. Isn’t the point here, the question of when it becomes a human being in the womb? If it is just a clump of cells, then there’s no comparison to Hitler and the Holocaust. When does science say that it becomes a baby? And what about rape? And what about the issue of the mother’s life being in danger?”

Jeremiah stood up and walked to his vast library that spanned half the length of the living room wall. He ran his eyes along at eye-level for a moment and said, “Ah, there it is! This is published by the National Geographic Society. These are the folks who insist on saying that there’s proof that we have a common ancestor with primates. This book is called, In the Womb. It gives a unique look into the world of a child, beginning at conception to full term, visible through ultrasound and electron microscope pictures. This is what it says about the baby at 12 weeks, when its 3.4 inches in length. He opened the book at a marked page, and read. [The baby has]:
  • Essential organs basically formed.
  • Circulatory system working.
  • Sex distinguishable externally.
  • Well-defined neck.
  • Red blood cells are produced in the liver.
  • Fist can be made with the fingers. [1]
“At 12 weeks the baby has eyelids, ears, toes, a fully-formed mouth, fingernails, fingerprints, he or she responds to stimulation, and the heart has been fully developed and beating since the 21st day. So there’s no question as to when life begins. At the very moment of conception the DNA is sparked. Right at that point of time your eye and hair color, height, skin, blood-type and personality are in place. Science tells us that life has begun.

“Now to the question about rape and abortion. We now know that this is an individual human life in the mother’s womb. It’s not her body at all. It’s not a kidney or a liver. This is a separate human being living within her body with separate DNA, just as she was once an individual human being living in her mother’s body. So why would you want to kill the baby for the crime of the father? It’s the father who committed the crime of rape. He is the criminal, so why kill the innocent child? Do you think it’s right to execute an innocent man on death row, when you know that he didn’t commit the crime? Instead, support the woman and have the innocent baby adopted rather than murdered.

To be continued...

[1] (From page 148, “Chronology of the Life in the Womb”).