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Monday, June 11, 2012

A multi-billion dollar industry

“Johnny, every time Hitler killed a Jewish family, he seized their assets. The Nazis knew exactly what each family was worth and where to find their valuables. All it took was a threat of torture or a threat to kill his family, and the father would sign over his insurance policies to them. Hitler got their house, their car, their savings, their jewelry, the insurance policies, their paintings, their bonds, the gold out of their teeth, the clothes off their backs, and the hair from their heads. He raked in billions of dollars from killing Jewish families, and when you kill an entire family, no one is left to complain! Experts now tell us that just under one third of Hitler’s massive war machine was financed directly by Jewish blood.”

Jonathan put down a coffee cup, and became deep in thought.

“Wow. That makes perfect sense. I had never thought of that before. All I ever heard was that Hitler hated Jews, and that was his motivation. That wealth would have given him the ability to help get Germany back on its feet financially, and that in turn would have fueled his popularity even more. I remember that the German people so loved him for restoring their nation, they believed anything he told them about the need to expand their borders.”

Jeremiah nodded. “Yes. His propaganda-machine brainwashed millions into thinking that the Jews were the scum of the earth and thathe was the nation’s savior. He had them eating out of the palm of his evil hand. When he came into office, Germany was a mess. People were almost starving. There was a 40% unemployment rate, and in a comparatively short time he had pulled it up by its bootstraps and given it back its dignity. All the while he was murdering Jews and lining his own pockets. It’s a huge lesson on how a politician with unlimited power can manipulate the masses.

“Now here’s my point. American abortion has the same incendiary incentive. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you want your 16 week baby killed in the womb, according to current prices, it will cost you $690. If you want your 19 week baby killed (just three weeks later), it will jump to a massive $2,690. Think about it. The abortionist gets all that for a mere 15-20 minutes work. He just has to rip off the baby’s head, its arms and legs, and pull it out--along with the remaining bloody torso. He then assembles everything on a table to make sure the entire body is out of the womb, and then drops it all into the trash. If he does that 10-15 times a day, you are talking big money—more than $20,000 for a day’s work.

To be continued...