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Friday, June 15, 2012

Seared conscience?

Jeremiah smiled, and said, “That’s where more brainwashing comes in. It has no scientific basis for it whatsoever. Every piece of ‘evidence’ they have has to be ‘believed’ for you to believe that we are primates. It has to be received in faith. If you believe that the world is millions of years old, you have to have faith in what you’ve been told by those who have faith in whatever method they have used to measure time. If you believe that there is fossil evidence for the evolutionary process, your whole foundation is built on that faith. You believe because you have been told something by those that believe. But when it comes down to it there’s no concrete evidence at all. All they have is a theory.”

“But,” said Jonathan, “Why would so many conspire to deceive millions of others?”

“Good question. The Bible is a very real threat to the lifestyles of a sin-loving world. Think of it…if Genesis is true, then the concept of sin is real, and we are all morally responsible to our Creator. That throws a huge and heavy wet blanket on lust, pornography, gambling, lotteries, adultery, sex out of marriage and a thousand and one other sinful pleasures which the world loves and for which it lives. So you can be sure that they are going to fight tooth and nail to keep the freedom and right to enjoy life as they see it. That means the censorship of Christianity and the promotion of a theory dressed up as scientific fact.

“When you press a reasonable believer of Darwinian evolution for what was in the beginning (the First Cause), he will admit that he doesn’t know. In the name of science, he will plead ignorance, and add, “The scientific world hasn’t discovered that yet. But it will one day.” Where did male and female come from in all 1.4 million kinds of animal, bird, insect and fish? He doesn’t know. Why does every animal bring forth after its own kind? He doesn’t know. And why is all of nature fully ‘evolved’ to a point of working maturity? He doesn’t know. He really means, ‘I don’t care. He’s not seeking the truth.” He means, “This is my worldview, and I am staying with it because it gives me an open doorway to sexual pleasure, and there’s no way I’m going to let you shut that door.’

“So when your girlfriend terminated her pregnancy, she took the life of your child and my grandchild, and it’s right that you are thinking about this. What she did was very serious.”

Jeremiah stood up again and looked at his trusty bookshelf. His eyes ran across it once again, and he said, “Let me read something to you….” He reached up to a high shelf, pulled out a book and opened it at a marked page. “This is a quote from Walter Mattner, a police secretary from Vienna. It’s from a letter he wrote to his wife…dated October 1941…when 2,273 Jews were shot to death in Mogilyov in Belarus:

‘My hand was shaking a bit with the first cars. By the tenth car, I was aiming calmly and shooting dependably at the many women, children and babies. Bearing in mind that I have two babies at home, I knew that they would suffer exactly the same treatment, if not ten times as bad, at the hands of these hordes.’ [1]

“That’s what can happen to human beings when we do something that is morally wrong. The voice of our God-given conscience speaks to us, but if we ignore it, it becomes hardened. The Bible uses the word “sear” when it comes to a hardened conscience. We sear meat by cooking it on the outside only. So when we sear our conscience we only superficially harden it. It’s still there but its voice has been silenced. It’s like a smoke detector. If we don’t like the sound of its alarm, we remove the batteries. That’s what happened to that police secretary. It’s what happened to the German nation when it came to the Jews, and that’s what has happened in America when it comes to the slaughter of babies in the womb. Our hearts have become hardened and callous.

To be continued...

[1] Walter Mattner, a police secretary from Vienna, was there in October 1941 when 2,273 Jews were shot to death in Mogilyov in Belarus. Written in a letter to his wife. http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,542245,00.html