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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sinful nature.

Every one of us is born with a sinful nature that has a propensity to sin—human beings have a natural bend toward things that God tells us are morally wrong: fornication, lust, greed, selfishness, adultery, lying, stealing, blasphemy, hatred, murder, abortion, rape, homosexuality, and some are even attracted to pedophilia. There are many different temptations that work in concert with our sinful nature, and sometimes people choose to follow a certain course. The supposed “gay” gene occasionally referred to, is just our inherited sinful nature. We are born with it.
If a pedophile takes pictures of naked children through a two-way mirror and can prove to you that no child is harmed by the practice—that they are in fact benefitted by it because their parents are well-paid, would you fight for the pedophile’s rights? If you would, then please send me your name and address. The local police in your area would like to alert your neighbors that you live nearby.