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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Quiet Sound of Evidence

We often have a studio audience when broadcasting "On the Box" -- our daily
webcast. One day there were only two people in the audience-a father (Larry) and his son. Larry had been a fisherman in his youth and had tragically lost one arm in machinery while on his boat. He had a great sense of humor and told us how having only one arm often came in handy when sharing his faith.

At the end of the broadcast, I did what I often do to give a sense of closure to the program. I held up a sign that told the studio audience to applaud. Larry's son didn't applaud much at all. He was too busy looking at his one-arm dad trying to clap with one hand. The program didn't have much closure that day. It did, however, remind me that the sound of that one-arm man clapping produces is the same sound that evolution believers produce when asked for sound scientific evidence for their theory.

Public domain picture.