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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amazing Evolution

If there was no sun, there would be no life. It’s amazing how it evolved to where it is now. Sitting there in the sky, 93 million miles away from us. If it was a little closer, we would all die. If it was further away, we would all die; along with everything else. How did it evolve to position itself in just the right place? It's amazing.

If there was no oxygen, there would be no life. It’s amazing how the mix of air was able to get to the right consistency, with the right percentage of oxygen, all by itself. I wonder what percentage it was at the beginning. If the mix wasn’t right, life couldn’t have evolved. It’s amazing. Also, if there was no water on this planet, all life would die. But there it was, in the beginning. Sitting there. I wonder how much water there was at the genesis of it all, and how it mixed itself to the right consistency to support life. Also, I wonder why it bothered to do that, if life hadn’t yet evolved.

It’s amazing how everything evolved, from nothing. Think about it. If there was no gravity on this earth to hold the water down, there would be no life at all on this earth. Not even a camel. All water would have spun into space. I wonder what air pressure was like in the beginning. Was it 14.7 pounds per square inch, consistently all over the earth? It's amazing how gravity was able to evolve, all by itself.

Then there’s the wonder of the human eye. I wonder which eye evolved first. I guess they evolved together. With lids and tears of course. I wonder why eyes evolved, and which came first--the brain or the eye? I guess they both came together, because one couldn’t evolve without the other. It’s the brain that sees what the eye sees. And don’t forget the skull to hold them. That had to evolve. Eyes need sockets, and brains need a housing. Evolution is just amazing. What's really amazing . . . is that people believe it. Just amazing.