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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Failed the Test?

“I have seen a couple mentions of Ray's 'good person test.' So, I think it appropriate for me to comment on it. The Jesus presented in the bible fails this test (lied and dishonored his mother.) The god of the old testament likewise fails the test. (According to Ray, a single instance of anger is an automatic failure). The biblical god has many.”

Wow. It amazes me that anyone would dare point to Jesus Christ in moral judgment. You had better have clean hands and a pure heart before you point a finger at the Son of God. I can’t think of an appropriate metaphor. It’s like a flea shouting abuse at a massive elephant, as it stands under the shadow of its great foot. Nope. That doesn’t cut it. It’s like a heinous criminal, who is so morally corrupt he makes Hitler seem like a boy scout, yelling obscenities at a good judge. Nope. That doesn’t cut it.

Jesus never sinned once, in thought, word or in deed. He never lied, stole, hated, lusted, coveted, murdered, or dishonored his parents.

Let’s now turn the mirror back to you, Mr. Finger-pointer. When was the last time you burned with unlawfully sexual fantasies? You don’t need to reply to that. God knows the answer. He knows all about you, and your most secret of sins. So take a little advice from a fellow sinner--stop pointing your sin-stained finger at perfection, and instead look at your own self-righteous and duplicitous heart, before it's too late.