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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Potential Law Suit

"I saw your bumper sticker, NATIONAL ATHEIST DAY APRIL 1ST on a car here in San Antonio. I asked the owner if he really believed in the sticker, and he said 'yes.' I told him that I am an atheist, and have been one all my life. He said he would never vote for an atheist for any office, nor trust any atheist. Now, I would like your ministry to give me a good reason for me not filing a lawsuit against you for telling people lies. I am not a fool." -- Patrick Greene


Thank you for your email. Here's how I would build my defense:

First, I would say that I can prove that anyone who looks at a building and says that he doesn't believe that there was a builder, is a fool. This is because a building is absolute proof that there was a builder. Buildings don't build themselves, from nothing. Only a fool would believe that.

Second, I would say that anyone who looks at a painting and believes that there was no painter, is a fool. The painting is absolute proof that there as a painter. Paintings don't paint themselves, from nothing. Only a fool would believe that.

Then I would say that creation is absolute 100% scientific proof that there is a Creator. A creation cannot create itself, from nothing. But that's what the atheist believes--that nothing created everything from nothing. That's a scientific impossibility, and only a fool would believe that.

I freely admit that I am the creator of the bumper sticker. But be warned, at the last minute I may say that the bumper sticker created itself, from nothing, over millions of years . . . and appropriately plead insanity.

I await your reply.