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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The lying ball-thrower

“Lying is wrong (in nearly all situations). But not because the Bible says so... For example, ‘I threw a ball into the sky, and it never came down.’ Well that's a lie because we know the truth of gravity; the ball had to come back down if you merely threw it. To speak such a lie is evil because it is irrational -- it makes no sense to claim the ball never came down.” Matthew Foster

Matthew…what say a bird flew off with the ball in its big mouth? How about a low flying plane sucked it into its engine, or lightning hit it and it disintegrated?

Don’t be so quick to call the ball-throwing man a liar and “evil,” when you simply haven’t thought the issue through very thoroughly. If you do that, you are the one who is irrational.

If an atheist believes that there is no God and that there are no moral absolutes, then there is nothing morally wrong with lying. Instead, it comes down to what works best for each of us. It’s an issue of convenience rather than one of morality.

What’s then with the continual accusations of lying, as if I was doing something morally wrong? They are meaningless if there is no God, as you say you believe.

So, here are your two choices. 1. If you are right and there’s no God, my misrepresenting your beliefs (my so-called “lying”) is simply how I survive as part of this evolving species. 2. If I am right and there is a God, and I am guilty of lying, it will result in me being damned in Hell.

Which one would you like to be true?